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How Can I Help With Spelling Tests?

My granddaughter is having trouble learning and remembering her spelling words. She continuously gets as many as five out of ten wrong. How can I help her?

Help your child with multi-digit multiplication problems

Learn two simple ways to solve multi-digit multiplication problems.

How to help your child stay focused

Want to teach your kids to pay attention? Give *them* attention!

Study skills for middle school and beyond

Your child has a better chance of succeeding in college if she masters school survival skills now. Here's how you can help her get organized and learn to study effectively.

Tips for helping your elementary school child with math homework

Exploring math in everyday life is one way to make numbers less intimidating.

How to Keep Reading With Your Child

How you can help at home: Support your fourth- or fifth-grader's reading skills by reading aloud, listening to your child read and discussing vocabulary.

Power Reading Talk

How you can help at home: Ask your child lots of questions to build his understanding of what he is reading.

Simple ways to build math skills at home

How you can help at home: Build your child's math skills with these easy strategies.

5 tips to teach kids to keep track of their time

Kids who manage their own time do better in school.

Study space supply list

Help your child learn at home with the right tools.