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Letting go: Tips for parents of new college students

After 18 years of parenting, it can be hard to let go. Here is a sneak peek at the challenges of the transition ahead and advice to prepare right now.

Creative ways to pay for college in an economic downturn

Economic woes needn't mean the end of your child's college plans.

Rejected? Accepted? Handling College Admission Decisions

Parents can help their high school seniors put college admissions decisions in perspective.

5 reasons your child should go to college

What to say when your child asks, "Why should I go to college?"

Ten ways to jump-start college planning

Help your child take the right steps in middle school to prepare for college.

What if your teen wants to skip college?

Your child may want to delay college or skip it altogether. But he still needs an education. Here's how you can help.

Teach your child to dream big about college

Connect your kid's goals to college, and he'll see how dreams + hard work = reality.

The College Search: How You Can Help Your Child

Applying to college can be stressful. This is likely the first decision your child will make that has such important consequences. Learn how you can help.

Choosing College Courses: Heeding Advice From Adults vs. Peers

A mother tells how her daughter learned the hard way whose advice to trust when choosing college courses.

Web Tools Help Find the Right College for Your Student

These Web sites provide tools to help narrow the field for your college-seeking student.