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How Can I Afford a Tutor for My Child in Special Ed?

My son is in special education. I would like for him to have tutoring services, but I cannot afford them. What do you recommend I do, because tutoring would really help him?

What Do I Do If My Son Can't Get Into Special Ed?

What options do parents have in advocating for their child's educational needs? My son was evaluated by the school, and it was concluded that he met two of the three requirements needed to qualify for special education. Since he did not meet all three components...

Quick guide to special education

If your child has a special need, it can be confusing knowing where to go and how to get help. Here are the basics on finding the right special education program or school.

Implications of High-Stakes Testing for Students With Learning Disabilities

High school exit exams (sometimes called high-stakes tests) pose risks for students with learning disabilities. Find out how to address them in your school district.

Transition to Work: Helping Teens Prepare for Typical Employer Questions

For young adults with learning disabilities, answering an employer's questions about learning difficulties takes self-awareness and preparation. Learn how to get ready for that conversation!

Learning to Spell - A Challenge for Elementary Students With LD

Get expert advice on common spelling problems in kids with learning disabilities and tips for conquering them.

Looking through the classroom window

Two teachers talk candidly about the joys and concerns of getting ready to teach their new students.

Risky Behavior in Teens With AD/HD

Psychologist Sam Goldstein describes the kinds of risky behaviors teens with AD/HD often engage in.

Online Parent Groups: Support at Your Fingertips

For parents, information and empathy are as close as your computer.  Learn how online groups work, how to interact safely and find a group that meets your needs.

Autism: An overview

Autism rates have skyrocketed. Here's how to identify the symptoms and what services to seek for an autistic child.