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My Son's Behavior Has Gone Downhill

Up until this year my 10-year-old son has been an excellent student. Now for reasons unknown fourth grade has become a horror! He has been an all-A student since first grade, tested as one of the smartest kids in the school and is in...

How do you handle different rules in divorced homes?

My stepdaughter is a fourth-grader and a child of divorce. It seems that the rules in her mother's home are quite lenient as far as what constitutes bedtime, the importance of homework, the value of reading, chores and such. In our home, where my stepchild...

Is My Child Being Bullied?

My fourth-grade daughter has done well in school until the past few weeks. She is very bright, imaginative, curious and sloppy. She copies homework from a blackboard, but always forgets one out of every four assignments. The teacher also says that her attention wanders and...

Summertime social for kids

Top tips on teaching children how to recognize and be a good friend.

What's your parenting style?

Experts have identified four basic types: authoritative, permissive, authoritarian, and hands-off. Whatever your approach, here's how to make the most of your parenting style.

12 bullying myths

What do parents really need to know about bullying? It's not necessarily what you think.

Encourage hard work by celebrating your child's successes

Teach kids that effort is the key to success.

Signs your child is being bullied

Is your kid getting picked on at school? You can make it stop.

Helping kids boost their brainpower

The brain is a muscle. Teach your child how to make it strong.

Why mistakes teach important lessons

If at first kids don't succeed, teach them to try, try again.