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The right time: Gauging your child's readiness for camp

Questions for parents considering summer camp.

Camp and youth development outcomes

The camp experience offers children a chance to belong, learn, and contribute.

There is a camp for every child and every budget

How to afford camp, no matter your income.

Choosing a teen travel program

Looking for a summer travel program for your teenager? Asking the right questions will help your teen learn and grow - and you'll sleep soundly at night.

Parents' Tips to Inspire Reading

Check out our readers' suggestions for summer learning ideas.

Schooling: Learning doesn't have to stop when school is out

7 ways to keep your child learning during the summer

Diez ideas divertidas para mantener a su hijo aprendiendo este verano

Jardines del patio trasero, teatros de títeres, libros de recuerdos y artesanías son algunas de las formas para mantener a sus hijos activos y sus mentes trabajando durante todo el verano.

Screen-free week

Are your kids spending too much time sitting glassy-eyed in front of a screen? Are you? Here's how to turn it off.

Learning on the go

Worksheets your child can do on grandma's porch, in the car, or at the beach, all summer long.

Family fun

10 tips for a fabulous vacation (or stay-cation).