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Keeping your child safe online

Three tips for keeping kids out of trouble online.

Addictive behaviors: Smoking, drinking and media

Alcohol ads affects underage drinking. Kids are bombarded with thousands of images of smoking in movies alone. Here is how parents can fight back.

Physical health: The media link to obesity, risky diets

How can your child's media consumption affect her health? It can contribute both to obesity and to eating disorders. Here's how parents can encourage a healthy media diet.

When to get your child a cell phone

Security and cost are two issues to consider when making the decision.

The truth about cyberbullying

As the number of households with Web access and cell phones increases, so too do the ways kids can bully each other.

7 digital tools to keep the whole family in sync

A free printable guide packed with tools that'll whip your family's busy life into shape and set you up for your smoothest back-to-school season ever.

One mom's top picks for kids' book clubs

An experienced book club mom recommends books for children from first through sixth grade.

Talking to kids about junk food and fast-food ads

Worried that your kids' eating habits are influenced by cutesy cartoons and jammin' jingles? Teach them to be ad-savvy with these tips.

Make an Invitation

How you can help at home: Have your child make an invitation on the computer.

Blog all about it

Reluctant writers may just need an online audience.