Articles about:

Teacher experience and credentials

Teacher experience and credential information gives you an indication of the teacher quality at a school.

Power to the parents

How parent activists are bringing about drastic educational changes one school at a time.

Seven ways to form a strong parent-teacher team

Make the teacher your partner for a great school year.

How to handle a tough parent-teacher meeting

Six ways to make sure you and the teacher are working, and solving problems, together.

Navigating rocky relationships with teachers

You need to have a plan of action when you believe there's a problem with your child's teacher.

Parent Power: One Supermom's story

How a Chicago mother helped turn her neighborhood school from mediocre to marvelous.

It's all about the teacher

Bushwhack through the endless debates about education and there’s one truism that few would dispute: When it comes to the quality of a child's education, it's all about the teacher.

What makes a great principal?

Noted elementary school principals talk about the way they pursue excellence at their schools.

What happens if you get a bad teacher?

How to cope when your child's teacher is out and out terrible.

Dear Teacher . . .

It's parent-teacher conference time! In an open letter to her child's teacher, one parent shares her hopes for their upcoming meeting (start, please, by learning her name).