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Back-to-school night basics

Make the most of back-to-school night. It's a valuable opportunity to learn important information about your child's classroom experience.

Favorite back-to-school basics

Back to school -- three words sure to elicit groans from most kids. And from procrastinating parents dreading those last-minute shopping trips for must-have gadgets and specialty items. Skip the sanity-testing scavenger hunts this year with these affordable, online basics (plus a few fun extras) for...

Best back-to-school computers

On the market for a computer for your child or teen? Check out our back-to-school lineup.

Back to school: Avoid morning meltdown

Here's how the whole family can get organized for the busy year ahead.

Countdown to back-to-school: get organized!

Take advantage of the end of summer with these few easy steps that will set up your family for a less stressful school year.

Countdown to back to school: Get healthy

Eating right and sleeping well will help your child succeed in school.

Countdown to Back to School: Smart Shopping

Back to School: Being organized and planning ahead are the keys to smart school shopping.

Best and worst back-to-school purchases

GreatSchools readers list the best and worst back-to-school purchases they've ever made.

Back-to-School: It's More Than Shopping

A new GreatSchools survey finds that most parents consider shopping to be their number-one back-to-school activity.

Back to basics: A supply list for high school

Keep our school supply checklist handy to make your shopping as easy as A, B, C.