Articles about:

Assistive technology tools: Writing

Find out how to select assistive technology tools that address your child's specific writing difficulties.

Assistive technology tools: Listening

Learn about assistive technology tools that help with listening.

Assistive technology tools: Reading

Learn about assistive technology tools that help with reading.

Assistive technology for kids with LD: An overview

If your child has a learning disability, she may benefit from assistive technology tools that play to her strengths and work around her challenges.

Assistive technology tools: Organization and memory

Learn about assistive technology tools called information/data managers.

E-ssential tips: A parent's guide to assistive technology

An overview of current technologies to help parents select the right tools for their children with learning problems.

Consumer Tips for Evaluating Assistive Technology Products

Learn how to select the most effective assistive technology tools for your child's specific needs.

Making the Most of Standard Technology to Enhance Learning

Learn how readily available electronic text can be adapted to support and enhance your child's learning.

How a Computer Helped My Son With Writing

Read the story of how the quality and quantity of one boy's school work improved — along with his self-confidence -- by using a computer.

Proofreading Software Programs

Learn about assistive technology tools called proofreading software programs.