Elementary School

"Do you think I'm smart?"

"Of course, sweetie!" Not so fast. Before you answer, here's how three top-selling parenting experts suggest you respond instead. More »

Parenting Dilemmas

IQ like Einstein

What it's really like to parent a "PG" (profoundly gifted) child

Media Matters

Is your child becoming a fame-seeker?

How often your child updates her profile, tags pictures, and talks on her cell matters – unless you’re raising the next Justin Bieber (in which case, carry on).

Parenting Dilemmas

Po Bronson on the Power of Mom

Secret study reveals a difference between U.S. and Hong Kong moms that influences test scores.

Academic Skills

What's so important about 3rd grade?

Stuck in the middle of elementary school, third grade is easily overlooked — but it’s far more crucial academically than you might think.

Parenting Dilemmas

Scary truth about feeling rich

Want to raise a nice kid — and give them everything you never had? Consider the research first!

Health & Development

My daughter is obese?

Melissa was shocked and dismayed to learn her child was so overweight. Here's what she did.


The "right" way to teach reading

Research shows there's a strong, effective way to teach children to read. But is your school using it?

Health & Nutrition

The link between hunger and obesity

Both problems are widely misunderstood. Yet another fact many parents miss: they're linked.

Health & Nutrition

Beyond the sandwich

Is your child skipping or dissing this lunch box staple? Try these high-protein alternatives instead.

Health & Nutrition

5 ubiquitous foods to avoid

Health alert! Steer clear of these dubious snacks and ingredients.

Health & Nutrition

School lunch, repacked

Tired of the old-fashioned lunch box? Here are 11 of our favorite kid-, planet- and parent-friendly picks.

Health & Nutrition

8 tips to make lunch healthier

As alarm over childhood obesity spreads, what's a parent to do?

Health & Nutrition

Counteracting fast food ads

Worried that your kids' eating habits are influenced by cartoon characters and snappy taglines? Here's how to build their junk food savvy.

Health & Nutrition

Reader tips: Healthy living

See the clever ways parents like you are teaching their kids about diet, exercise, and stress relief.

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