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Homework vs. Family time


tjlove November 30, 2009

Are hours of homework ruining your family time? How much of your children's homework do you think is useful or useless? How many hours of homework do your children have each night? Post your homework wins or woes here!

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MagnetMom November 30, 2009

My daughter's third grade year started out with between two and three hours of homework a night. It's tapered off some, now, to where it's closer to an hour. Many parents wanted complained to each other, and we were talking about having it come up through our school site council, but I think enough of us spoke up at our conferences that the message was heard.

I'm of the belief that homework is of little help in elementary school. With sports and music lessons, the last thing they need is dittos or busy work. An occasional long-term assignment, parceled out over a few weeks would be fine, and build the same skills without the hassles of nightly homework. The reality is we're a really busy family, and homework is that thing that reaches the tipping point, where it keeps the kids from getting the most sleep possible.

I see how it's important to build the skills they'll need for homework in high school, but I really don't see how the "stuff" they send home has much benefit. I could take the same hour and watch a great program on the History Channel or the Discovery Channel or go to a website that features multiplication tables and get more out of it.


wareagle100 November 30, 2009

Family time family time can wait until after homework.


michellea December 1, 2009

Research shows that free time and free play are critical for developing social skills, problem solving skills and staying healthy and well balanced.

While some homework can reinforce certain skills and help teachers understand whether or not students are able to handle new concepts independently, hours of homework is unproductive and unhealthy in my mind!!!

I feel that family meals, down time, and developing interests are just as important as school work. It's possible to have an excellent education and maintain life balance.


TeacherParent December 1, 2009

Both my sons attended 'name colleges' that assigned less homework than they had in middle school...We had far more woes from homework in high school and middle school than wins. We had hours of homework assigned every night and every weekend and holiday too. Teachers did not coordinate with each other nor coordinate their testing days and any given night could find my sons studying for 2,3, or even 4 tests all on the next day and several major long-term projects at a time - on top of nightly homework.

If homework serves any productive purpose, so much homework runs counter to any good purpose. I'm a teacher who thinks that the amount of emphasis put on homework in modern education is not in keeping with good sense. Neither children nor adults should have to work straight through the evening hours after having worked all day. Multitasking is a sad reality of our modern times but filling children's evenings with multitasks defeats learning rather than fosters it.

I'd encourage everyone to read a newer book called The Myth of Homework to find out what the research really says about homework.


numberone December 2, 2009

I think family time is just as important as homework . My children go to a school that has no halfdays and they definitely get alot of homework but im not against it although it does cut in to family time alittle. My kids also get good grades in school and im very proud of them, I think it is merely how you interpret family time Because my car was recently stolen and I drive my husbands truck and I have to drop off my husband at work and I have to take my kids to the bus stop, as well as pick up everybody in my eyes those precious moments are also family time. In my house family time starts from the time you wake up and say good morning and it doesnt matter what you talk about or how long you watch tv with your family it could be for 2 minutes or it could be for 2 hours in my house it is still considered family time to me because it is with my family and that' s what is important to me. And just for the record my kids do homework about 3 hours every night yes its hard but studying is also what is best for them . Besides I still get a chance to wrestle with my boys for a few minutes before they go to bed.


Child_Of_Ra December 4, 2009

My daughter (6th grade) has anywhere from 1-3 hours of homework a night. I think this is ridiculous. I wonder if it's her or the school. And now as I'm seeing her grades which have dropped from solid A's and B's with a single C+ to F's and D's with a C-, I'm really concerned about what's going on. She's got a lot of missing assignments on a consistent basis... and we check up on her. She's doing her homework. So, I'm curious, and will be talking to her teacher this afternoon about a grade sheet which came home last night, I'm curious if there is MORE HOMEWORK that she's not doing???? Really... because she works so hard every night.

I'm angry with her about things that she says she forgot to turn in, because that's just plain irresponsibility, but she also says she turned some things in early. So considering her honesty and knowing that in the past her teacher has indeed found things she really has turned in early (really has happened), I have to question what's happening.

But... yes, the homework load is way too much.


tiredmommy4 December 5, 2009

I agree with all the moms, homework can get a bit much and redundant. But if it is going to improve my child's knowledge and memory of what they are learning then so be it. I think a problem we have is maybe to many days off and maybe the methods we are teaching the subjects. In the south they hardly have so many days off like we do here in the north.


MSMomm December 5, 2009

My son usually has enough homework in the evening to keep him busy until shortly before bedtime, every night but Friday. However, he has to stay at school after school until I pick him up around 5 p.m., so he does get a chance to see other kids socially after school. I think that sometimes the amount of homework he has is too much, along with studying for upcoming tests and quizzes. We do manage to get in some family time during the weekend, though.


GEEJAY December 15, 2009

This is a very aggrevating subject in our lives at the moment. I have a 6th grading who excells in all subjects and is extremely self motivated. I am just at a loss as to how to communicate to the teachers at his school that the load of homework he is receiving not only on a daily basis but long term assignments as well is killing every once of creative time he may have to discover, relax, read, play sports do what kids do. I never thought that a 6th grader can recieve 3 hours of homework a night plus have to miss holiday parties to finish homework on the weekends. A lot of what he receives is just busy work. Hes stressed constantly about how much he has to do. Studies have shown again and again that more homework only frustrates and burns out kids at an earlier age and does nothing to improve overall performance and success. Please help me to communicate with the teachers and council because thus far nothing has worked...Frustrated in Phoenix


mominseattle December 15, 2009

I think it's tragic. Teachers are assigning homework for the sake of homework with no regard to a child's well being. It's depriving them of their childhood and family time. They will be much smarter and better adjusted if they spend more time with their peers. One to three hours a night plus a full day of school is more work than most adults have at their jobs. This can not be in their best interest in the short or long run. School districts need to take a serious look at this issue. There are numerous educators and psychologists who believe this is causing more harm than good. The homework issue starts as early as the second grade and I believe it has the potential to circumvent and ultimately undermine children's inherent curiosity. They are still children and they should have time to enjoy their childhood which is already short enough.

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