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How do I find out what school district I should look at for my child?


rosehaven99 December 23, 2008

How do I find out what school district I should look at for my child?

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healthy11 December 24, 2008

I'm not sure if you have a choice...I'm not from NC, but in many communities, where you live determines which public school your child will attend. School districts frequently have "boundaries" and within each district, schools also have "attendance zones" or boundaries...Part of the reason is to prevent overcrowding, and funding may also come in to play...transportation issues are related...It's not possible for everyone who wants to send their child to "ABC School" on "the rich side of town" to do so.

My suggestion is to ask a neighbor with children where their children attend, and then phone that school after the holidays to request a tour, and find out more. Private schools don't have attendance boundaries, but you have to pay tuition, so that might be another option if you don't like your local public school, and aren't willing to move.


neckmv1128 January 2, 2009

You can go to Guilford County Schools website and go to school locator and type in your address. That will tell you what school your child is assigned to.

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