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When is thanksgiving break


inpynk October 19, 2011

can't find the school calendar and need dates for holidays

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JulyAA October 19, 2011

November 23rd through the 25th (Weds through Friday)


bookieb78 October 20, 2011

Absoulutely right, MagnetMom. I assumed it was posted for my area. Sorry for possibly posting the wrong info. for the area in question. I definitely agree with what you suggested. :o)


MagnetMom October 20, 2011

Hi inpynk, JulyAA, and bookieb78,

Just a reminder, GreatSchools is a nationwide parent community. And school calendars differ. Some districts give the entire week off, some give off three days, and some give off only the Thursday and Friday.

Please check with your school or district website for the information that pertains to you.


supernicepreci October 29, 2011

u should be more responsble now you have to go as for another one

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