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nikkinot February 6, 2012

I am looking for some good advise and honest opinions...i will be moving from the elmont area in nassau county to the patchogue-medford district. i have an 8 yr old who will be going into 4th grade in september. she currently attends a predominately black school and i am wondering if anyone can offer me some advice to what her transition may be like going into a predominately white school?

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MagnetMom February 8, 2012

I'd suggest talking open and honestly. Coming from one school to another can always be a culture shock. Kids wear different clothes, like different music, and have different activities after school. Make sure she's open to new things, and doesn't always compare things as "better" or "worse" than where you're moving from. I've seen far too many kids focus on what they don't like about a new area--and honestly the kids at the new school won't want to hear that their music isn't good or that the fashions they like are being judged by someone new. If she has questions, have her ask them in a non-judgmental way.

Get her involved as quickly as possible in activities she already enjoys--Girl Scouts, church groups, sports, crafts, reading groups at the library. That way, when she arrives she'll have a few friendly faces.

While she's too young for things like Facebook, make sure she stays in touch with friends from her old neighborhood by Skype and email. It will make the transition easier.

Good luck with your move!


minerva1946 February 19, 2012

I had a similar situation with my grandson. His parents moved from a very upsale white school district to a middle income multiculture district. This was his first experience with one parent in the multiculture school who was negative about his race. He did not know that color was an issue.
Your child will be fine. Keep communications open daily.
Get to know the other parents and include your family in school activites.


Ortrun February 26, 2012

There are so many variables that build a school atmosphere. I hope that your daughter has had friendships with a variety of races and will continue to do so. If she has had only black friends and there are few black girls in her class she might feel uncomfortable at first. The most important thing for her to do is be true to herself, know her values and stand up for them. If she does that right away she will find friends that share her goals, personality and values and it won't matter what color her friends are. Maybe she can start a club at the school and share her interests once she feels comfortable. Remember not to tell her to change!

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