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Is 1st/2nd grade combo class beneficial for 2nd grader?


hhchavez2002 August 26, 2012

my son was in the advance reading when he was in 1st grade, his reading lessons and quizzes scored no less than 94% out of 100% each time, his 1st grade report cards showed nothing but "O - outstanding" and "S - Satisfactory", I don't understand why will he be placed in the 1st/2nd combo class when he should be in the 2nd grade class.
Does anyone know is it beneficial for my son as a 2nd grader to be placed in 1st/2nd combo class?
Any opinion helps, thank you!

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mdorn05 September 4, 2012


Would you mind coming back here in the next few months and share the result. MY daughter's school also plan to open split class this year, but they said they will select the students for split class after winter break.

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