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Lamar ISD vs Katy ISD


tabassum January 23, 2013

I have a 5 yrs old (Oct born) daughter who goes to KG in a private school. She will go to a public school from 2nd grade.
We are looking for houses and got stuck in deciding which ISD schools are better; Katy or Lamar. I heard read very good reviews for Katy schools but I am not sure about Lamar school.
I would appreciate if someone who knows more about Lamar schools can guide me.

Thanks and regards,


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MagnetMom January 24, 2013

Hi tabassum, and welcome to the Parent Community at GreatSchools.

Here's the list of Lamar Consolidated ISD's schools. There look to be some really strong options:

Read the parent reviews and make a decision on where you'll likely move. Make sure you're also looking at the middle school options, because she'll be there before you know it, and you won't want to have to move or have a hassle to get her into a good middle school.

Good luck!

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