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My Child is Struggling cause her Class Size is Too Big


monylove77 May 13, 2013

My child is struggling her class size is very large. All she needs is a little bit more help in class. Teach can't give it, cause as she says, her class is too big. We help as much as we can. But she struggles in class. As result is being held back. Her dad and I are struggling with making a decision to change her to private school. What's a mom to do.

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MagnetMom May 16, 2013

Hi monylove77, and welcome to the GreatSchools Parent Community.

This is a very real issue. Your child falls behind because she can't get individual attention, and the school claims that they have too many kids to be able to give any help. And the circle starts over again.

Have you suggested having your daughter tested for any possible learning disabilities? It's a difficult decision for most parents, but it's huge asset for families--as an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) is a legal document and forces the school to provide agreed upon services.

Good luck, and please let us know what happens.


TeacherParent May 19, 2013

If private school is an affordable option, it never hurts to look - there are also often charter schools and charter schools usually cannot charge tuition.
Class sizes in the U.S. are getting larger - we have been going through difficult economic times and in classes of 25+ students it's not possible for a classroom teacher to give individualized help. Getting your daughter tested by the school to see if she might have underlying learning differences is never a bad idea.

Being held back is not necessarily bad either but often it doesn't solve the problem. Will her class size next year be smaller? If not, the same problem is likely to present.

It's always worth checking out other schools - private or charter - if you can. It's also worth speaking directly to the Principal, Guidance Counselor and School Psychologist and make your point that your daughter needs to be in the smallest class size possible and with the teacher who would be best able in the face of things to give her the help she needs.

In the meantime, any time including the summer and weeekends, to give your daughter a step up - read aloud to her. Every night for 15-20 minutes in a book she enjoys. Many families do not do that and the children who are read aloud to on a daily basis have a big step up on the others. Borrow tapes from the library and listen to books on tape together in the car while driving on errands. The more literature and language you can expose your daughter to the better it is for her. It all builds together and gives her a knowledge bank the other children don't have and it builds and broadens her vocabularly.

Good luck.

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