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Transfer from kester to van nuys elementary


ssgreenlighter May 24, 2013

Hello all, My step son goes to kester elementary school in sherman oaks and we have moved to van nuys, they have sent us a letter stating that we have to move him to van nuys elementary and we are not at all happy about that as van nuys is far less challenging and has a much lower academic review. He has been going to kester for three years, do we have to move him?

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mdorn05 May 26, 2013

Unfortunately, you have to change school. It is a rule unless the child is in Kester Gifted Magnet program.

Some magnet schools still have some spots left. You can call Student Integration Office 213-241-4177 to get a name of magnet school in your area that still have spots left.


MagnetMom May 26, 2013

If Kester had open enrollment slots, that would be an option, but Friday was the cut off and I'm not sure there are spots there, either.

You can look for open enrollment spots here. By calling the schools in your area, you can find out which schools still have space.

I will be happy to offer any advice in your area that I can provide if you narrow it down to a few schools in your area that interest you.

Good luck, and let us know what you find out.

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