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Bridge the word gap: speak 21,000 words to your preschooler daily

Some children hear about 21,000 words a day, others hear 6,000 or fewer. By age 3, that difference becomes a substantial word gap that predicts future success.

After grief

When we lost our little girl, we had to learn a new way of being a family.

How to raise a child who’s NOT a bully

Parents play a huge role in whether their kids are bullies — positive communication is a must.

How to spot a world-class education

In an exclusive adaptation from her book, "The Smartest Kids in the World," Amanda Ripley encapsulates her three years studying high-performing schools around the globe into a few powerful guidelines.

A tasty way to teach little ones how to wait

Making pizza gives preschoolers a chance to practice waiting — and maybe even learn a little patience!

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Emotional smarts

Children who develop emotional intelligence skills are kinder, happier, healthier, and more successful. See More

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