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Mom and Dad fear middle school


Luv_BN_Mom June 5, 2008

My daughter will attend middle school in the fall and I am scared out of my wits.  I am not fond of the school in the district that she will be attending.  We are military and she should only be in this school for a year before we transfer back up north where I will feel at ease.  She isn't happy either.  She said the lockers are not allowed locks so they have to carry all the books all day or chance them being stolen.  Kids were fighting in the halls.  They have security cameras in the halls that they say is for our childrens protection.  But that even worries me, because if they feel the school is safe why go to such extremes?  I don't know.  Am I over thinking this?  Tell me what you think.

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Grasscutters01 March 31, 2009

no your not over reacting. Please stay on top of matters concerning your daughters safety while getting her education. i'm in a stiuation now with my sons middle school he's been assualted twice in the past two weeks. I have police reports and have spoken to the district superintendent concerning this matter. Mind you this bullying started in 6th grade and went from threats to assaults. I'm presently in the process of trying to rezone him in a learning enviorment and safe school district, this is a emergency situation.


penster23 April 21, 2009

I'm new to this site, but I'm assuming that this comment applies to FO school district. I hate to tell you that there are what I consider some serious issues with this school. Last year, on the last day of school, kids had to be escorted to busses to avoid the violence. My son was being harrassed by a high schooler he barely even knew. He was jumped from behind and beat on until a neighbor came out of his house and stopped it. I was prior military for 10 years, last duty was as a recruiter, and if you think that juvenile records are inaccessable, your mistaken, I was able to obtain about anything.
After the last, most serious incident, I made contact with the other boys parents, hoping to work out a solution. His father felt it was justified, and so I let him know that since I didn't consider that any kind of resolution, I would have to take it further and file a police report. I also tryied to explain that his sons behavior can have direct consequences in any future he may wish to persue. Before going to the P.D, I notified the school of my intentions. I waited over 2 hours at the Independence, P.D. before talking to an officer. who told me he handled his childrens disiplinary problems with a good ole' spanking, (including his 13 year old daughter) He did assure me he would be able to resolve the matter without me having to press charges, which I did want to avoid. He said he would talk to the parents as well as the school resource officer.
Less than a week later, the same kid started harrassing my older son, who is in H.S. I told him to go directly to the office or resource officer. They neither one claimed to know a thing about the prior incident involving his brother. Keep in mind, my son is in Middle school, and this kid was a Varsity Soccor Player, hardly a match. Come to find out, the Varsity Soccor team was competing for state at the time, evidently, that trumped my little annoyance.
The Independence Police officer did NOTHING he claimed he was going to do. By the time I relized that, they considered it too late to file charges.
So, what we all learned here was that the kids can do anything they want, and seldom any reprocussions will come of it.
If I was to ever advise anyone, I'd say go straight to the police and demand to file a report. Once these bullies realize that these actions cost money, time, bad reputations, and possibly exclusion into the armed forces and other jobs. Competition is bad enough. Maybe if a few parents of these kids have to dole out money in attorney fees, they will look at things differently. But if they aren't paying attentionto there childs behavior, then the law should step up and do there duty and arrest them. An assault is an assault is an assault no matter how you look at it, and for a child growing up, as difficult as it is, bullying can have devastating effects. If parents don't stand up for their childs right to be free from harm, who will?


Johnston April 23, 2009

I agree. Report the bullying first. There was a neighborhood boy that bullied all the girls and younger boys around here for months. No one did anything about it. Next thing I know, I'm getting a call at work saying a group of kids (including my older daughter) finally got tired of this and jumped him after he tried bullying one of the boys once again. She went to the juvenile center here and the other boy was just let go. If I had pressed charges earlier, maybe none of it would've ever happened. I just look at it as a lesson learned.


memi8670 May 11, 2009

I feel that children need to learn there place. In school they are taught to respect each others personal space.
Children who act out should be disciplined by what ever means you have. fighting is not an option. I would never allow another child to harm my son. I would make sure the proper people we notified and file charges. Her in Connecticut where I live now. There was a child who kept hitting my son in the head. the school tried to use the proper means it had and it kept on . I filed a police report and the child parents were arrested for allowing the child to act out and not stopping there child for hitting another person. The child was expelled from the school for the rest of the year. no ones child has the right to assault another child. To me it is a reflection of there home life and what is allowed in there home.


christianvalU May 18, 2009

We are in the same situation. We have had the Sheriff come to our home after we called them when 2 bullies followed our daughter off the bus and made some serious threats.


rmsfld48 July 16, 2009

Unfortunately, you have to choose not to use what the government is giving away with your tax dollars. If you happen to be fortunate live in a state that has plentiful charter schools, a voucher program, or a tuition tax credit program, you can exercise your parental authority to choose the best school for your child without it costing you serious money.
If you don't live in such a state, then you have to ask the priority question, "How important is it that my child attend a safe school." If that is at the top of the list, then either homeschool or find a private school that is safe and make the financial sacrifice. Ask the grandparents, aunts, and uncles to help. Sell your car or sell your house to provide safety for your child. Then get angry and work to change the laws that protect the government school monopoly.

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