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oldersister June 16, 2010

We are looking into sending my brother to a Military Boarding School because he is lacking respect, discipline and structure. He is not going to classes or doing his school work. He currently goes to a prestigious charter school but he is not motivated to do his work.

So far, I have tried to research Valley Forge Military Academy (Wayne, PA), Hargrave Military Academy (Chatham, VA) and just started reading about St. John's Military School (Salina, KS). We live in NYC and I had started with schools that are closer to us. Can anyone who has had experience with any of these schools please tell me their experience? We were able to do a visit to Valley Forge but won't be able to visit Hargrave or St. John's. Valley Forge is also the most expensive school out of the three. Are there any rankings available for private schools? I am just trying to do a fair comparison of the three schools.

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countzander June 24, 2010

Why do you care? Focus on getting a good education yourself. Let your brother learn from his poor choices. Canis Canem Edit


mimiraton June 24, 2010

I suggest and excellent school small and very strong academic fisburne military academy is waynesboro virginia is about 6-7 hours form new york. my son will be attedning there after his military school closed. it is not as expensive as valley forge he applied to it also however i heard there is a lot of fights in the barracks and fisburne seems small in the middle of a town and safe. we also applied to riverside in atlanta is state of art school. we live in new york as well


oldersister July 7, 2010

@ mimiraton: Thank you for your response, we decided to have my brother try Hargrave Military Academy for the summer school session and it seems to be going well. I hope it works out for your son at Fishburne, I have read that good things about it from my other post.

@ countzander: I am ten years older than my brother and have finish my BS from a Tier 1/Top 30 ranked university and have a steady good job. I care about my brother very much and is taking the responsibility of looking out for my brother as my parents do not speak English. I do not appreciate your comments.


mimiraton July 22, 2010

Finally my son has decided to return to NYMA since he has so many friends and loved it. The staff specially Major Coverdale is superb and the President of the parents auxiliary i have never seen someone so dedicated to the sucess of a school. The alumni also have and are given all that they have to the students and school. He missed his school and cannot wait to return


NEWYOKER February 16, 2011

Hello oldersister..this is the first time I come to this site. I want to say I admire you for carring about your brother..that is what family is all about.
I myself am looking into military school for my son. He is a good kid but has fallen behind in school..he needs discipline and struture as well as motivation..
How is it going for your brother ? Has he inproved ? And has it help in discipline and he more motivated now ?


shalan February 8, 2013

To mimiraton, what does NYMA stands for? My son is 14 he had GAP 3.98in 7th grade. Now he is in 8th grade his grade dropped due to his peer he hangs out with in school. These kids are trouble. One introduce him to weed, the other with beer. At home he listens well most of the time. I am scare to death about the outcome. Any suggestion or from anyone else reading this post.

We are in S. California. There is a Army/Navy academy. I would like to the ratings of all military schools.


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