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lindaelliott43 December 15, 2011

There is a possibility we will be transfering to Arizona in the next couple of months, however my son is currently enrolled in a prepatory school where we live. My question is; will the credits he as gained be accepted by the state of Arizona?

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lindaelliott43 January 10, 2012

Happy New Year all,

Sorry for the delay, but thanks for the post reply to SaraLM, and Magnetmom. The post have helped me so much. The school my son will hopefully be transfering from is the only High School in our city. He will be entering the 11th grade, after this years term, and I am wanting to make sure if we make the move before next school year's term, will his credits be secure. I was wondering if there is anyone here, who's child attends Hamilton High School< or Hamilton Prep? I am wondeing where I can get information about the school schedules< and if you guys go to school year around? Thanks in advance.


MagnetMom December 16, 2011

Hi lindaelliot43,

Most of your son's credits will likely go right across the board. The one thing to be aware of is that each state has different graduation requirements. So you might find that he has to take summer school or an extra class if the district you are entering requires foreign language or speech and your current school does not.

As another poster mentioned, it's common and the new school will have no problem ascertaining what levels he's in based on his transcripts and possibly his current work.

Good luck with your move.


SaraLM December 15, 2011

Likely yes. I assume you're saying that your son now attends a private school - schools are used to students moving in and out of state and coming from both public and private schools. If his transcript shows that he's partway through a grade, they'll place him in the same grade accordingly.

Are you hoping that your son might finish high school in three years rather than four? That's even sometimes possible but it's certainly probable that transferring from his preparatory school to any Arizona school won't pose any problem.

This website might be helpful.

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