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I am looking for a good quality high school...


researching February 6, 2012

...for a bright student. I am looking for teachers who can speak the English language correctly and a school where most students are of high ethical integrity and don't have a large group of pot smokers hanging outside and starting fights all the time. I know no high school is perfect...but there has got to be at least one high school in Raleigh that isn't ghetto or only filled with uneducated teachers who don't care enough to push students to be their best.

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MagnetMom February 8, 2012

Hi researching,

My suggestion will be to tour the schools. Visit them during the day and see what goes on out front. If you see a bunch of kids loitering, you have to wonder why. Ask to sit in and observe in the classrooms, and see what kind of teaching goes on. Speak to parents there to pick up their children and ask what they like and don't like about their school. Ask about different programs. Even within the same school, there are often great programs and really mediocre ones. In the most difficult schools, there is often a track of kids who work their butts off with teachers who do care.

Good luck.

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