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i feel like my school is babysitting us


kid123 October 27, 2012

Even though we do have problems with drugs and bullying in my town.

I feel like my school is babysitting us. This year they initiated drug testing for us and every month we have someone come into our school to talk to us about how bad drugs are. I feel like that is not going to help us at all with the drug problem. The drug testing is for students who have after school activities and parking permits. And the constant drug presentations are starting to annoy me. I do not do drugs but I feel that the people who do will not stop because of the school constantly talking about how drugs are bad. And we are just finished with anti drug week at my school also. It's really annoying. They started to do this since last year when someone who graduated died from drug abuse. And just this week one of my friends who had mints was stopped by the principle and she thought it was drugs and she got suspended for it.

Then the bullying problem. I feel like that the school is being "fake" about this. They tell us not to bully anyone and had people like Rachel's Challenge come to our school but they really don't do anything about that and if something is done about it the victim is usually the one that gets in trouble not the bully.

So what's your say about this?

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MagnetMom October 28, 2012

Hi kid123,

You're very well spoken. Ask to speak at a school site council meeting. Drug testing is expensive, and it's not going to be a deterrent for students who don't drive or participate in extracurriculars. However, it might be an 'excuse' to keep some students from trying them in the first place. Do research on schools and how they address the drug problems on their campus. Clearly there are people who feel more should be done after the death of the person from your campus.

If you feel the bullying program is not working as well, research that as well. Offer to provide in put, do research, tour other schools, and come up with a better plan.

Good luck, and let us know what happens.

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