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pfunk6768 November 27, 2012

Hello my family is moving from rural Arizona to the Richmond area next summer break. The schools here are not the greatest and I am concerned about my boys adjusting.

My questions is about my eldest who is a straight "A" son in 8th grade who has an Aug birthday. He is the one who came to us asking about repeating 8th- so mature. Anyone know if this is allowed?


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northoc December 2, 2012

You may have to insist a bit, but we did the same thing when my son experienced a wasted 6th grade in a substandard school. We had moved and the school's problems weren't obvious. His grades were high and that made it difficult for me to make them believe he had fallen behind, but we both knew he had.

He ended up in a private school for his middle school years. He never regretted spending an extra year and I was relieved he was in a better environment.

He went on to graduate from UCLA. Good luck with your decision.


TeacherParent November 27, 2012

It could certainly be allowed and your reason is a good one. Is there any chance you could visit his new school while it's in session this year and see if it's as challenging as you think it might be?

Meantime, it can't hurt to ask for the list of what books they're reading in 7th grade this year in his new school and he could read those books himself to help him to feel up to date when he starts his new school.

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