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Transferring from Richland 2 to Lexington High school


pamz63 November 29, 2012

We are planning to move to Lexington in March and I wanted to know the easiest transition for a freshman. Should we finish the semester at Richland or would it be possible to start at Lexington High at the beginning of the semester to avoid a move with 2 months of school left? Also, is cosmetology offered?

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MagnetMom December 3, 2012

Hi pamz63,

Go ahead and contact both schools. As your child is a freshman, the transition should be easy as you won't have to worry about too many differences in required courses.

It's always best to end one semester at the old and start a new one at the the new school, if that's possible. But check the dates with the schools so there are no surprises. Districts vary on the school year by more than a month.

Good luck!

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