Study Skills

Try a homework chart!

Keep your child organized, motivated, and feeling accomplished by using this handy chart.

Study Skills

10 homework helpers

Ten simple ways to help your child get — and keep — a handle on homework.

Parenting Dilemmas

Responding to "I hate homework!"

What to say when your child says (or screams) this? Five parenting experts suggest surprisingly different retorts.

Homework Help

Stop the math madness

Best ways to teach your middle schooler how math fits into everyday life — and to get homework done.


Top 10 high-tech math tutors

Just a click away: challenging (and fun) mind-building games to keep arithmetic skills sharp.

Homework Help

Helping your child with writing

Writing skills take time. Learn how to support your child at home with these effective writing strategies.

Homework Help

Fun ways to read with your child

You can have a big influence on your child when you read together — and a blast, too!

Homework Help

The foot-dragger

Lift up those proverbially dragging feet with these homework hints.

Homework Help

Scattershot syndrome

Distraction, disorder, disarray: More than ordinary homework pain?

Homework Help

Disorganization disorder

One middle-schooler struggles not with the academics but the assignment itself.

Homework Help

Thinking of getting a tutor?

Ten questions you must ask when choosing a tutor for your child.

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