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I need some advice for a friend on what steps to take involving a lynching on her daughter recently at school.


clockgirl12 November 8, 2008

My dear friends daughter goes to Middle School, this past Friday she was approached by 3 boys trying to do inappropriate things to her, when she pushed one of them away all three jumped on her. From her neck down she is covered black and blue with briuses, while they proceeded to hold her in the office and her mother outside the three boys were allowed to get on their bus and proceed home. I really do not think that any of this is right, and considering that there is an officer of the law at this school why were any of the boys allowed to leave should there not have been criminal charges filed since lynching is punishiable by law? Someone please help!

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trooper November 9, 2008

Contact the police and file a report! This is a criminal matter. Your daughter has been assaulted.


healthy11 November 9, 2008

I hope that the girl was taken to a doctor/hospital that day for documentation of her injuries. If not, do it now. Was any incident report completed at the school? It is imperative that a written record of the incident be made, and I concur twith trooper that a police report should be filed. I am not clear if you're saying that the police officer at the school didn't think charges were warranted, or exactly what happened, but I would definitely contact the police department and go to the school officer's supervisor for an explanation.
There should be a school district bullying policy in the parent handbook, and I'd be curious what it says about mandatory suspensions for the offenders, etc.
You might find someone to address your legal questions on


jackieth November 21, 2008

What do you mean by lynching? Did they put a noose around her neck and hang her? Definately call the police and file a report.


nora322 November 22, 2008

If it were my child and the school took no action against the children who assulted my child, I would notify the police right there in the office right infront the administration and everyone and file a police report. The school is responsible for your child from the time they set foot on campus to the time they enter their home at the end of the day. I would also consider speaking with an attorney to be advised what action should be taken against the school for letting the 3 boys just walk away from the crime they committed as well as the parents of the boys who committed the crime. That is my advise to your friend(s). Please tell your friend(s) to hang in there and that I hope their daughter is ok.


Winetuscany November 22, 2008

I am so sorry this happened. Middle school and people think children are still little angels..WAKE UP!!!..get restitution for that little girl. Take the school and parents to court.


debrasuefitzge November 22, 2008

i agree with winetuscany,take this school and the parents court.this is a criminal matter,and your daughter has been assaulted,they need to pay for what this kids, has did to your kid.


Winetuscany November 23, 2008

debrasuefitzge** :) Thank you. Take a stand, we all know this has been going on for to long now. Parents want to put their child/children in another school? Why? Why should you have to run and hide? Take back your schools, community. Your child has a right to a safe school enviroment, and should not feel he or she doesn't want to go to school because of retribution. Like I've stated in other posts here. I didn't care who you were, how much $ you had or your title..if you as a parent, teacher, pupil, or even the school superintendant, if I saw you doing something agains school policy I turned you in. Yep even the school superintendant drove past the bus with it's lights flashing, the stop sign open...I had the bus driver call the police and yes, he did get a ticket for $300.00, I was doing my job. Seems that there are so many parents who are afraid to step on toes, what are you afraid of, doing what is right? Be the leader, not the follower, but follow the one who will break down walls to take care of your children.


trooper November 23, 2008

Bravo! I so agree!!


metdad December 4, 2008

The school will not do anything. Bad publicity and the principal and other administrators don't need it in the "permanent files." The parents need to go the police and then to a lawyer. Keep the doctors records and get the girl to a therapist. It wasn't a lynching-you need a rope for that-but it was sexual assault and the school and the boys and every other child and adult in the school, district and town needs to know it won't be tolerated. Good luck-the school will no doubt blame the victim-it's going to be hard.


rkuntz January 6, 2009

"From her neck down she is covered black and blue with briuses,"?? That's assault and battery get a lawyer and go to the police before these bullys turn into rapists.

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