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Looking for the best school that will fit my sons needs?


ivoryrose January 1, 2009

What school is best for my son in Oakdale? He is 7th grade and has some learning disabilities and is experiencing a tremendous downward spiral in the Turlock school he is in, Turlock Jr. High School. I am not happy with this school at all. What school in Oakdale will help him?

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healthy11 January 1, 2009

HI. I'm not from CA, but I have a son with LD's. Does your son have an IEP?
Middle school is often a very difficult time, even for kids without learning problems, because of the onset of puberty and social issues, plus having to change classrooms (which really taxes a child's organizational abilities) etc.
If your son does have an IEP, it seems like his goals may need to be revised, and perhaps he would benefit from a more individualized class setting.... If you could join Greatschools Learning and Attention Difficulties Group at, and post more details about your son's situation there, I'm sure more parents will be able to offer you advice, suggestions, and support.


ivoryrose January 1, 2009

Thank You for your reply. I will go to that site and post more specific information. My son has only been in this school since September because he is now 7th grade but the school is not working with him. They did not do his IEP this school year yet but now they are expelling him into a continuation school. I am very afraid of this because he has special needs and is not the type of kid who should be put with kids that have serious behavior issues. I am trying to contact a parent advocate to help me.

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