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tjaytanna May 28, 2012

my son selected as a gifted and telented student and he got I.S 119 glandale school. I was just reading parents review about this school its not satisfactory. what should I do schold I change my mind and don't send him there or what is right thing to do? please give your opinion. I am really confuse. Thank you .

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TeacherParent May 28, 2012

You don't say why you wanted your son to enter a new school - what is it about his current school that you don't like? And did you visit what would be his new school?

To make such a decision, you'd need to know what you were hoping to find in his new school and what was missing in his old school.


tjaytanna May 28, 2012

Thanks. My son school is up to 5th grd. He just get selected as a gifted and telented student so we have to change schoo no metter what. I was so happy that he was selected but when I read review from student and prents from that school I get lill disaponted and now I am confuse about what to do schould I send my child there or choose school near by my zone. thank you.


czechmate01 June 1, 2012

I suggest you visit the school, they have an outstanding gifted program. They will be happy to answer questions you may have. Depending on if your son qualifies for full time gifted services or gifted resources you may have other options available. Such as Laurel Nokomis school or Pineview however Pineview has already completed enrollment for this year. The fact is all schools have their issues and when you read negative comments about a school you need to consider that most people that are happy with their school are not going to post about it unless they are asked to do so. If your son in placed on the gifted team at Venice Middle you can expect him to have an hour and a half of homework a day.


Ortrun June 3, 2012


I agree with the other posters - check out the school in person and ask the questions that you are most concerned about.

Gifted children do have special needs; they need different challenges and emotional support and it's good for them to be with age and ability peers.

Also, consider who is writing the negative reviews and what their motivations and values might be compared to your own.

you'll make the right choice, listen to your own gut feelings about your son. Whichever school he ends up at you can be involved with the school and get to know the teachers and let them know your son's needs : )


woodworker08 June 3, 2012

By all means, give your child the opportunity to be continually challenged. Our granddaughter just finished the eighth grade, and she has been in the gifted classrooms for the past 2 years. Thank goodness, she did not have to change schools, because her school offers special classrooms just for the gifted students. This year, being in the 8th grade, she was already taking sophomore classes, because she is so advanced. I am sure having her mom as a teacher helped things alot.

Please do not allow your child to get bored in school. If he has the ability, he should be challenged every day. A little challenge really inspires any student to do better. There are so few gifted students, so do not hold him back. He will be a great role model for other students, like our granddaughter is for kids her age in school. Children develop at a faster pace than other children, so some things are just too easy and simple, and they get bored without a challenge. Our adopted son, who will be in the 6th grade this fall, was asked this past year to be his teacher's helper, helping the ones who needed a little boost, especially in drawing and art. We are so very proud of our granddaughter, as well as our son who turns 12 this week.

Best wishes, always.


tjaytanna June 4, 2012

Thank you very much all of you. I will definatly check it out . Thank again for your time and sharing experience .

Have A Nice day.

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