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Anyone have any experience with K-12 online virtual schools?


smaures2008 August 21, 2008

Currently in process of moving from one state to another within a months or two. Thinking of using K-12 virtual school as an alternative/fill-in until we can get to our new home.

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healthy11 August 21, 2008

I don't have personal experience, or know of anyone who has used online schooling for elementary school, but I know there are a couple of posters in the "learning and attention difficulties group" at who have found them to be wonderful options at the high school level. In contrast to homeschooling, the on-line schools provided necessary curriculum... I do NOT know how the on-line programs would work as far as a "temporary fill-in" until you got to a new school in a new state, because different states have different guidelines as far as recognizing on-line programs. You might try to do a "google search" using your new state's name, and see what they say about cyber schooling....


kathiA August 22, 2008

I haven't used k-12 but it looks pretty good. It's free if you do the public system during the move. Once you're settled in check out your new school and see how it compares. Sorry couldn't give any experiences.


Vesper October 2, 2008


We are currently enrolled in K-12 (via a public charter school) and my son has never been happier. He's in second grade but is already well on his way to reaching third grade standards in reading, ELA and math.

We went the conventional route for Kindergarten and first grade, and our son was completely uninspired by the experience of traditional school - in fact, he went from being a happy, enthusiastic little student to becoming depressed and socially withdrawn; he ultimately developed a stammer as a result of the indifference and uninspired approach of a few over-stretched, under-motivated teachers. (I'll name no names, but you can imagine how I feel about the school in question.)

Thankfully, that phase has passed and he has since returned to his old, cheerful and confident self. We are involved in Cub Scouts and so our son has maintained the social bonds he formed over his two years of conventional schooling. He loves learning and now has the opportunity to learn at his own pace - which, it turns out, is a lot faster than we or his previous teachers ever realized.

K-12 has been an absolute Godsend. I can't recommend the program, the curriculum or the benefits to a child's self-esteem highly enough.


mprocter January 29, 2009

Wow! This is very helpful. Does anyone know or have a list of virtual schools? I would love to know the name of some of these schools for other parents to be able to reference.

Thanks for all your help!


healthy11 January 30, 2009

mprocter, see

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