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From NC to FL


bonkie January 29, 2013

We moved in July'12 from North Carolina to Florida. We have been in NC for 3 years and the school system is great. Our kids were in year round school. After we moved back to FL and our son attended moved to 6th grade we noticed that he started to become aloof with homework and he already did his before he came home. He is now a straight A, honor roll student. This is absolutely great however, he now says the teachers are feeding his mind 3rd grade material. The teachers do not respond to his comments. He is not challenged at all anymore (like in NC). Could the material be so much different in FL?? Are they so much more advanced in NC? (these were all public schools). He is smart for his age and with his 12 year age he comes across as 16 (physically and mentally). We are in Volusia county and like to see what our/his options are. So far, not much help from the school (rated 9+ out of 10 by parents and state).

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MagnetMom January 29, 2013

Hi bonkie, and welcome to the GreatSchools parent community.

It's entirely possible for state standards to vary differently. You might want to ask for a meeting at his new school and have him tested for giftedness. Whether he's gifted, which is very possible, or he's already mastered the material, the school should do what they can to challenge him in class every day.

Good luck.


psunith January 29, 2013

Hi bonkie
We also moved from Virginia in Aug' son is in 5th grade here.My son is saying most of the things in social,science and math he has already leaned in 4h grade in virginia.also he is in honor roll...which i never expected or even thought of in virginia...!
I am thinking of sending him to magnet school ..which is called innovative programs here..
but have no inputs on them either..hv to tour the schools and get the inside infos...
may be you can also try for magnet or i have heard of charer schools also..
you can understand my situation as i have to compare with virginia standards here..
In my opinion how much school is going to help kids on a daily basis is a big question mark....
wish you good luck.

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