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Need Feedback on "Connects Math" Curriculum


PCDoctorNC February 2, 2013

Considering a move from one private school to another purely for logistics purposes. Our present school uses the Saxon Math curriculum, which our daughter has done very well with. The school we're considering our daughter attended previously but we pulled her out after poor math test scores under the "Everyday Mathematics" curriculum taught in the elementary grades. However, for middle school this school uses the "Connects Math" curriculum by Glencoe. I've not been able to find much info online and want no part of it if it's considered Reform Math.

It appears that Glencoe's "Connects Math" is the same material as "Texas Math" also by Glencoe. The cover art looks nearly identical. If they are the same, the Educational Research Analysts group gave "Texas Math" an overall rating of "Poor."

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can shed some light on the "Connects Math" curriculum. My daughter's education is more important than a quicker commute to her school.

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PCDoctorNC February 3, 2013

CORRECTION...The curriculum is "Math Connects". Sorry for getting it mixed up.


MagnetMom February 3, 2013

I'll let other instructors weigh in on the curriculum itself. What I can say is I used to work in the text book industry. And Texas does everything differently.

So if they insist on calling something Texas, it could actually be the same program or not. Texas is the largest textbook purchaser in the country.

I would look to this site to get more information on reform math

Good luck.


PCDoctorNC February 4, 2013

Thanks MagnetMom. I've already been to the website you provided, and unfortunately they have no info on "Math Connects."


ghmacdon February 17, 2013

Apparently the curriculum is Connected Mathematics. At the recommended link, Richard Askey criticizes its scanty instruction on fractions, pointing out there is nothing on dividing fractions. I have no personal experience of this curriculum. Good luck.


fuzzybunny February 18, 2013

I have had experience with the Connected Mathematics curriculum and would not recommend it. There is no direct math instruction with this program, rather students are instructed to come up with their own algorithm for most concepts covered. There are no examples of how to solve a problem or the steps involved in solving a problem. This program works well for gifted and talented math students but not so well for the rest of the student population. If you choose to attend this school I would highly recommend that you give you child instruction in fractions, decimal numbers and percent, as they will miss out on this completely with the Connected Mathematics curriculum. Bottom line for me is that a child is not prepared for algebra after using this curriculum in middle school.


amschreuder February 19, 2013

If you need to know what works in education go to the 'What Works' website of IES. (Institute of Education Sciences)
There are 38 Math curriculum products compared at their website:
One curriculum is called Connected Mathematics Project and the evaluation of effectiveness is done in Texas.
Dr Schreuder, dyscalculia tutor in Texas (

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