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What's your discipline style?

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By Evonne Lack

For more "serious offenses," come up with a consequence other than time-out. For example, if your child persistently teases the dog and is old enough to know better, you might take away her television privileges for a couple of days.

Rewards motivate your child to do well. This could be as simple as parental praise. In some cases you might want to set up a charting system with more tangible rewards. For example, for every morning that your child is ready on time to go to daycare, she gets a star in her chart. When she racks up five stars, she gets a treat.

These brief descriptions don't tell the whole story, of course. It's not as if boundary-based discipline doesn't include preventive techniques — it does. And gentle discipline includes the use of consequences.

In fact, all of these styles overlap. The differences are more a matter of what they emphasize. Think about the primary colors — red, blue, and yellow. They contain no common elements. Discipline philosophies are more like secondary colors (orange, purple, green), which contain blends of more than one hue. Some may have a dash more red, and others may pour on the blue. What color will your discipline style be?

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Comments from readers

"--negative words like "no" and "don't." I thought it would be OK to say NO sometimes to my children. The children need to learn how to say NO as well. (example...NO to DRUGS). "
"These stratagies work wonderfully. One other that i would like to see added is when children act up in public. They need to be taught that thier behavior affects others. I explain to my children that if they are too loud at a restaurant than they could ruin the meal for the people next to us and they dont deserve that. I also point out how proud i am of them when we see other kids misbehave. I let them know how helpful it is to me that they do not do that, and it shows other people how they are good kids and i am a good mommy. They appreciate the praise and dont want other people to feel bad so they like to behave and share thier smile with others instead of their tantrums. I have a 7 and 9 year old and have never had an issue with them in a public place due to this philosophy. "
"This has been very helpful, its very frustating trying to discipline but this has giving me better idea of what to do. The reward with stars for a 3 and 5 year old are really paying off. Thanks"