The do's and don'ts of discipline

Prepare your child for success by setting consistent, realistic expectations.


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    "Hmmm...true. You must be responsible. But behavior for kids is really just another form of communication. What if the punishment does not add up to something which will actually help a child? Perhaps for you, you shaped up for fear of punishment. A lot of kids nowadays do not fear punishment, because they get lots worse at home. They expect anger and overreacting, because that is what they get at home. What they don't expect is patience, understanding, and clear motivations/plans that will not hurt/push the student away, but will actually lift them up and help them to feel successful, loved. :) Don't we all need a little of that? "
    "i belive everyone is responsible for there own if you are constintly making a disruption in class or getting in to fights or even bullying you should get suspended or expeled as a kid i never got away with anything so neither you should "