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Our pre-school rule for tardiness is to give the kindergarten a detention, is this the norm


Anonymous January 11, 2009

I believe the parent is at fault and this should be the truancy board not the child when they are this young, my grandaughter cried and said she did not know what time it was and she was very upset about the detention.

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sthomp January 11, 2009

I do not agree with detention for pre school or elementary school ages, unless it would be a behavior problem, and only then after a warning


healthy11 January 11, 2009

I'm sorry, but your question is not clear. Why would anything a child does in preschool have an impact on a kindergarten class?
If I were you, I'd ask for a written copy of your school's attendance and detention rules. I doubt there are any guidelines that actually say a preschool tardiness results in kindergarten detention. The child's parents (or you, if you're her legal guardian) should send a note to the principal if they feel the situation isn't being handled properly.


nicnac January 11, 2009

Absolutely not the Norm! That is insane the child cant drive his/her self t0 school, whomever thought of that rule shouldn't be working there, and parents I WOULD NOT GO FOR THAT!


shareknowledge January 11, 2009

hi, in certain states (counties); when this happens, parents are asked to attend a parenting workshop on the weekends in the presence of their children. at that time, they are lectured (parents) on the importance of attendance, etc.

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