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Milagro29 January 12, 2009

Don't Know what else to do. My son is being smacked and punched by a classmate he is not the only one being smacked my this kid.....I spoke to the childs mother and she said (I AM SORRY HE DOSE NOT SPEAK OR UNDER STAND ENGLISH) But he is always hitting all the kids.. I spoke to the princible and she said she would take care of it but i dont think it was taking care of one of the other parents told me today he was kicking there child

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MSMomm January 12, 2009

It may be that the student doing the hitting may have a disability, such as Autism. Many kids who have Autism tend to have these kinds of tendencies. If that is the case, this student should be placed in special education classes and not mainstreamed with other students, for everyone's safety.

You did the right thing by speaking to the principal, however, if these violent events are still happening with your child, you'll need to speak to the teacher AND the principal again. Every child has to right to attend school in a safe environment.

I'm sorry your son was treated this way, and I hope the matter is resolved quickly, for everyone's safety.


Milagro29 January 12, 2009

The only thing is that he dose not have autism at all as per the mother. The Problem is that he dose not speack English What so ever as well as the parents.......You would see this child out side with all the other kids and he is to rough with all the children.


Milagro29 January 13, 2009

Is there a number that parents can call when the schools do not take care of the problem like 1800-bulling


TeacherParent February 23, 2009

When is this happening? All the time or at certain points in the day? On the playground?
If the teacher has a reasonable number of students in the room, the teacher should be able to prevent one child from constantly hitting other children. The hitting child needs to be watched - always. The hitting child can never be allowed to be alone with the other children.
That the child does not speak or understand English can mean this child is angry and feeling left out but that is not any reason to hit or an excuse for hitting. In any language, the child should be told and in no uncertain terms - "We Do Not hit in this school. You can be angry and you might feel angry in a new school but you cannot hit when you're angry. You can come and tell teacher how you're feeling, you can look angry and unhappy but you Cannot hit when angry."
You've spoken to the principal but have you spoken with your child's teacher? Ultimately it's her job to watch over her classroom's children and her job to stop the hitting child from hitting. Speak with her and if it doesn't get better, go in and observe in the classroom.
Is there a school guidance counselor? Speak with that person too - sometimes the guidance counselor can help to counsel the hitting child and help the child to feel less angry in his new school.


lockmama February 23, 2009

One responsibility of a school is to ensure a safe learning environment for its students. If you have spoken to your son's teacher and principal with no results, contact the district superintendent. Generally the school or district will have a website detailing appropriate student behavior. Presumably, assaulting other students will be listed as unacceptable conduct. Use this information in your meeting. Continue to escalate the issue as long as necessary. Your son (and all children) deserve a save school environment.
If this is happening before or after school, say at a bus stop, you may need to take a different course of action. Start with the school system but be prepared to go to the police if the situation warrants it.


Aubie84 February 25, 2009

Call the School Principal Back and ask them to Update you on how the problem was taken care of? Did you send him home? Was there discipline involved? Use This If You Think They Are Not Doing Anything... Ask them to fax over, email over a written statement of what transpired to correct this child's behavior. Tell the Principal that you are very strict about teaching children not to hit and that this concerns you greatly... If he hesitates or you get the feeling he is not confronting the situation still or refuses a written update- Then mention that you would not like this to escalate to a police matter and or assault/battery claim, but you will do whatever is needed to protect your child... And usually after saying those words- The situation gets handled... Good Luck

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