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I travel for work


brandiefl2000 August 15, 2012

My job requires me to travel from Phoenix to Colorado. We are in Colorado from May until the end of August. That is going to interfere with the school season next year once my son starts kindergarten. Any suggestions on how to go about this without getting turned into the state for him missing to much school? He would be missing 2 weeks at the beginning and 3 weeks at the end. Can you pull your child out and homeschool during this time?

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MagnetMom August 15, 2012

Hi, Brandiefl2000,

I'd go ahead and call the district and see what programs they can offer. You're right to be concerned. While some might look at it as 'only' kindergarten, you'll want to make sure to treat it seriously. There are some programs that might work, and you might want to find out when Colorado is in session. They're not going to want to hold a spot for you for 5 weeks of a year, but there might be a way to work with both programs.

You will also want to talk to the folks in the Phoenix community here:

Good luck.


esandusk August 19, 2012

Each state has a minimum number of days a student must be in school in order to not be considered truant. It may the case that your son won't fall below that, although with twenty-five days out of school, you probably will. If your state/school district can't work with you and your son, have you considered homeschooling your child in general? It's not the best fit for everyone, but I have heard of parents who travel for work who homeschooling for this reason, incorporating the travel into their lesson plans, and do it successfully. Just a thought! Best wishes.


tashmoore August 19, 2012

You should ask the school about homeschooling those 5 weeks. Most would probably be ok with it, but check with them to see how they want to go about it. Also do you know anyone in Phoenix that he could stay with for those 5 weeks? Or even part of it? Grandparents/aunts/uncles/etc? I don't know how he at only 5 would feel about being away from you for 2 weeks though, but if that were ok maybe you could visit on weekends? Also could you talk to your job about maybe adjusting your schedule with them? Maybe not all 5 weeks, but perhaps just the two at the beginning or something?


jessiscott August 19, 2012

Depends on the state and the school district.

In California, our school would let the kids do independent study for up to two weeks at a time. You had to show paperwork that proved it was a work reason, death, etc. The absences were excused but recorded. As long as we turned in the homework, everything was fine.

In our previous school in Texas, we were told that an immediate family member's death was the only reason a child could be taken out, and even then, the days were counted as absent, just excused. Once we hit a certain number of absences, even excused ones, we might be summoned or the child might be held back.

You might also have to address the issue of testing...the first few weeks are when they assess where the kids are and the last few weeks are when they assess if they have completed the standards. You're going to miss that.

Figure it out may have to find a private school that is more amendable to your schedule.


chan88 August 19, 2012

We have a kid in class has the same problem and she was finally under nanny's care for couple of weeks while mom travelled away for business. We're in Texas and the max absent days allowed is 10 with or without reason. It's not the best solution but it works if there is an absolute requirement to fulfil for school. Curriculum wise, kindergarten is probably not a concern. It will be a concern with the child goes to higher grade.

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