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Pre-schools for gifted?


jaima21 October 29, 2012

Does anyone in NJ know of gifted pre-schools or at least differentiated. My son is 3.5 and reads at a 1st grade level and writes all of his letters, upper and lower case??

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pigtoria November 1, 2012

Hi Jaima21.....

I don't know of any school in New Jersey to recommend - however, I highly recommend you looking into a Montessori preschool. Make sure that it's a true Montessori school and not just a school who call themselves "Montessori preschool". The term "Montessori" is not trademark - in other words, everyone can use the word "Montessori" without it being a true Montessori school. It's actually not difficult to spot a true Montessori. Their toys are very distinctive looking - all made of woods.

The reason I recommend Montessori preschool is that kids are grouped into an age range of 3 years. So for example, the 3, 4, and 5 or 4, 5, and 6 years old would be grouped together or put int the same classroom. I think your child can truly benefit from this type of classroom setting. He can learn from the 5 and 6 year olds and he can "teach" their younger kids which can truly help his academic performance and social skills. What better way to enhance your knowledge than to explain it to another child. Your child can teach the 3 and 4 year olds how to say and write the alphabets. It's truly a great to learn and grow!

Good luck on your search!


tullster November 4, 2012

I would suggest looking into a Quaker Friends school. They are more academically and structured than most preschool. Although they still stress social skills, they are also geared towards the child. If your child is above average or capable of doing more, they will teach to him/her.

I am a Preschool Teacher at a Friends Quaker school. By the time our 4-5 yr, olds enter Kindergarten they are reading and writing. Everything we do is connected and has a purpose. We are educating the Whole Child. Friends Schools also only hire Teachers that have college degree and are certified. I stress this because many preschools are not taught by Teachers and they won't tell you that unless you ask or know. I personally find that important and remember you are paying for child to get the best education from the most qualified person.

My son is a student at our school. Although he is older than my preschool students, he is by far more advanced than his public school counterparts.

Friends Schools are expensive but worth every cent and often will provide financial assistance to those children and families who qualify. Good luck and hope this was helpful.


mrajotte November 4, 2012

We also had an advanced preschooler and we found that Creme de la Creme was able to work with her very well. We were very impressed with how they challenged her and they didn't tell us that we needed to "slow her down."

There is one in My Laurel and one in Bridgewater if either of those are close to you.

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