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By GreatSchools Staff

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Scribblers into scribes

Educators stress the importance of summer learning — whether to address problem areas, maintain gains made during the past school year, or prepare for the next grade.

Encourage your child to keep a summer journal, chronicling family trips, day camps, and other summer adventures. Have your child to mix it up with short and long entries, illustrations, word collages, and photos with handwritten captions. To get started, take your child to the store to pick out a notebook and special pen. 

Sidewalk chalk is another kid-friendly way to work on writing skills. Have your child practice letters, words, and sentences on the driveway. When you’re beach-bound, encouraging your child to write in the sand with a stick. For handwriting practice kid will love, try Handwriting Help for Kids, which has helpful "letter stories" (The story for letter A? "Slide down one side, hop to the top, slide down the other side, walk across.")