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Your second grader and math

Building on the basics, second graders should be able to add, count, write whole numbers up to 1,000, and much more.

By GreatSchools Staff

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What math concepts will your second grader learn?

Expect your child to become a minor master of the arithmetic skills he or she picked up in first grade. Over the year, first graders focus on understanding number relationships in addition and subtraction, first by using physical objects like rods and blocks and later with pencil and paper. If they haven't already, kids begin making the leap to mental math, gaining the confidence needed to do simple problems in their head.

"Your child should be able to recall her basic addition and subtraction facts from memory by the end of second grade," says Linda Eisinger, the 2005 Missouri Teacher of the Year.

Comments from readers

"Achievement gap in most cases is not between haves and have-nots but rather between reasonably smart and/or hard working on one hand and not-so-smart and/or really lazy on the other hand. I have 4 kids of school age so I know what I'm talking about."