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Shape Walk

How you can help at home: In this activity you and your child look for shapes outside.

By Miriam Myers , GreatSchools Staff

Go outside with your child and look for shapes, such as circles, triangles, squares, rectangles and diamonds. This will help your child make the connection between the shapes he learns about in the classroom and shapes in the world around him.

What You'll Need:

  • Paper
  • Pen or pencil
  • Clipboard (optional)

Here's How To Do It

Review the name of different shapes with your child. Discuss the shapes you find outside. Then, look at objects around you at home, such as a book or a door, and ask your child to identify the shape.

To expand this activity, take a paper, pen or pencil and a clipboard (optional) outside. Have your child find shapes and write or draw the name of the shape on paper. She can dictate the writing to you or use her invented spelling to try to write it herself. When you are finished with your walk, ask your child what shape she found the most and what shape was the least common.

Comments from readers

"Another idea instead of a clipboard is to use a digital or disposable camera. The child can take a pic of the object in nature that matches one of the shapes discussed. Then an activity can be displayed or made using the pics. -college student majoring in Early Childhood and Elementary Education"
"I help out at my childs school.We have a pogram called 'Meet The Masters'.We have 2 pictures and a half hour to talk and teach them something, anything the way it was painted, why, who ,what they were like ect.I can't want to use this one in k-1 when we talk about the shapes and all the names for them.They will love going outside.Thank you for the activity."