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By GreatSchools Staff

4th grade - 5th grade

Chart Your Course

The next time you and your child take a walk or a hike, take along a compass. Discuss why and how a compass is used. Then ask your child to use the compass to answer questions such as, "Which direction is north?"

Make a Time Capsule

Your child can gather newspaper articles, family photos and souvenirs of 2008. Label each, place in a shoebox and seal with tape. Decide on a date to open the time capsule and a safe place to put it.

The Arts

All Grades

Paper Roll Art

Collect toilet paper, gift wrap and paper towel rolls for art projects. Your child can make napkin rings or a rainstick. For more paper roll art check Enchanted Learning.

Art Placemats

Running out of fridge space for your child's artwork? Transform his art into placemats by laminating it or covering it with clear contact paper. You can use the art placemats at mealtime or as a work surface for him to create new masterpieces.

Imagine the House of the Future

In the future, what will houses look like? Brainstorm with your child about what her house might be made of, how it will be heated and cooled. Then have her draw the house.

Musical Exposure

Turn it on! Listen to a wide range of music with your child, from classical to reggae to oldies-but-goodies. Identify the beat and the instruments, and discuss what you hear.

Art Scavenger Hunt

Next time you visit an art gallery or museum, initiate a scavenger hunt for your child. Make a list of items for him to find, such as a painting that contains certain shapes, art made out of clay, a black and white photograph, etc.

Comments from readers

"I love your science projects. My daughter learns visually and this gets her excited about science."