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Summertime science

Wish your child were getting a better science education? Use this list of products, books, and toys to enrich those lazy summer days with mind-blowing scientific fun.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Bridging a gap to the future

Summer’s a great time to step back and get a little perspective on your child’s education. What's missing? What can you do to fill in the gaps?

By the time today’s kids grow up, scientific skills will be in high demand for even more professions than they are today. Yet schools are slashing science education from the hamster cage to the laboratory. Fortunately, there are plenty of inventive toys and products that can help kids prepare for a scientifically fueled future.

We searched for the most educational science products that have parents raving and kids learning on their own initiative. These toys, books, DVDs, video games, and kits will get ‘em hooked and keep ‘em engaged with the joys of scientific discovery.