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Fight summer brain fatigue

Five ways to keep kids engaged and enlightened over the summer break.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Littlest book club

Since reading is such a solitary activity, one way to make it feel more social, and thus more enjoyable, is by scheduling a regular time for your child and one or two of their closest friends — or siblings — to shoot the breeze over an age-appropriate book. Younger kids will need parents to oversee the meetings and ask questions to keep them on track.

No time to meet face-to-face? Make it an email meeting.

For tips on how to lead this social coup, see “It's not just for Oprah: Book clubs for kids.”

Comments from readers

"If $199 is inexpensive for a child to have a camcorder, could the author buy one for my family? to me that is expensive and sure I would love to have one for my children. Good idea but not feasable for parents on a budget."
"Seriously? They Manufacture Macadamia nuts in Hawaii? I always thought they were grown, harvested then packaged. Great ideas though."
"It does not have to be a video camera, I let my daughter (7) use of old digital camera. She loves it and can't get enough. And you can pick up digital camera for $20 these days."