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Learning apps to stop summer slide: high school

7 fun, educational apps teens can slot in between part-time jobs and fully-packed social calendars to keep learning alive.

By Sonali Morris

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Chess With Friends

Works on: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

If your teen’s a budding Garry Kasparov, this app is the perfect match. Chess With Friends lets kids enjoy a leisurely-paced game of strategy while chatting (read: talking smack) with opponents. The app tracks all moves, notifies players when it’s their turn, and offers a modern take on an age-old game for thinkers. Privacy note from Commonsense Media: “Parents need to know that Chess With Friends is a chess app that allows local games or online games against friends and strangers. There are some privacy concerns because players can chat with strangers.”

Check out Chess With Friends and Words With Friends, too. And note that while all of these games have free versions, they’re chock-full of annoying cross-promotion and ads that aren’t always kid-appropriate — so spring for the paid, ad-free apps.

Check 'em out: Chess With Friends and Words With Friends.