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Summer learning that really works

Introducing summer school 3.0 – the new and improved version that kids actually like – and quite possibly the key to closing the achievement gap.

Fight summer brain fatigue

Five ways to keep kids engaged and enlightened over the summer break.

What to Look for in a Summer Learning Program

Follow these guidelines to find the best summer learning program for your child.

Beach read: Books about summer

Is your child anxious about going to camp? Reading a book with him may help ease any fears he has about the adventures ahead.

Preparing children for the summer camp experience

Help your kids get ready for a summer of learning and independence.

Summer reading 2.0

A new tool for working parents hell-bent on avoiding summer brain drain.

How to roll fun and learning into summer

28 easy activities to build on preschool skills and get your child ready for kindergarten

What’s your summer parenting style?

Should summer break be about R&R, hitting the books, or something in between? Identify your summer style – and how you can make it work to your kids’ advantage.

From Safaris to Spacewalks: Exotic (and Educational) Summer Programs

Want to fire up your child's curiosity about space, nature or college life this summer? If so, check out these unusual summer learning programs.

An Honest Day's Work: Summer Jobs for Youth

A summer job can be a great learning experience.