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Summer health

10 ways to help your child thrive this summer.

Talking to your elementary school child: The top-three mistakes parents make

Avoid these conversational pitfalls to improve communication with your child.

Teaching elementary schoolers self-control

How to help your children think before acting (and resist those marshmallows!).

Tips for teaching generosity: Elementary schoolers

An expert on getting kids to see the point in giving offers strategies for teaching elementary school students the gift of generosity.

My kindergartner hates school

My kindergartner says she hates school. She tells me that she is bored and that the other kids are making fun of her. My child is very smart and gets her work done early and has nothing to do when she is finished. What can...

Three easy school lunches

Quick and healthy recipes for your child to take to school.

Video: Three easy school lunches

Chef Carlin Greenstein shares her recipes for healthy quesadillas, dips, and more.

Help! My Child Dislikes School

We have a kindergartner who does not want to go to school. She did not want to go from day one, and it is not getting any better. She does not like to sit still for very long, and she doesn't like to color or...

My Son Is Not Adjusting to School in This Country

My family and I have recently moved to the United States. In our home country he only got A's, but in this country he gets C's or D's. He has become very shy, doesn't like to go to school and still misses our country. My...

Help! My Grandson Misbehaves at School

My grandson is in the first grade and his grades are good, but the teacher has sent a note home everyday this past week stating that he is talking, playing or interrupting the class. I have had talks with him, given him time-outs, taken things...