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Finding place to live.


konami June 24, 2013

Hello, please help me here, I am planning to move in Houston, and need good school and place to live. I don't mind to live in apartment couple of the months but when I decided to buy home, I do not want to move kids out of the school unless that school is not going to fit her... I was looking around spring branch, cypress? kety? around there in the north or west side of Houston. My daughter love the art
Also I have almost 2years old, need to fing daycare too.. I am single mother. Please help me with any information and appreciated the inform the area to live (any advise) the neighbor or parents in school who doesn't give me a judgemental look..
Thank you

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MagnetMom June 28, 2013

Hi konami,

You might want to post your question here:

Our local Houston community are experts in their own area and will be able to point you in the right direction.

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