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K cutoff age in MA?


AlexanderSH July 14, 2013

We are relocating to the greater Boston area next month and we are trying to find a public school that will accept our son into Kindergaten, who turns 5 on September 5th.
In GA were we currently live, he's elligible for public (Lottery funded actually) pre-K, but it seems there is no such thing in MA.

We are looking at the Natick-Framingham-Westborough-Malborough-Shewsbury-Worcester areas.


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MagnetMom July 14, 2013

Hi AlexanderSH, and welcome to the GreatSchools Parent Community.

It does seem that many of the dates are September 1, but I found a couple of October 1. Find the dates for the neighborhoods you're interested in here:

You might want to call one of the districts or the state BOE to find out more about the possibility of public pre-k. Otherwise you will be looking at paying for preschool if you can't find a kindergarten with the later cut off.

Good luck and let us know what you find out.


capeces October 1, 2013

Hi Alexander,

I recently moved to GA (Atlanta) and am looking for a school that will allow my daughter to start kindergarden in 2014 even if she will turn 5 in October. From your post it seems like your son was in a similar situation (turning 5 past the Sep 1 cutoff) and you were able to find a school. I thought public schools in GA strictly followed Sep 1 cutoff? Do they make exceptions? If so, under what circumstances? Any help would be super appreciated. Thanks!

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